Udder Nature

Handcrafted Goats Milk Soap

Udder Nature:

 Udder Nature is our farm name and now our product label.  We register our goat herd under the same name with ADGA.  We are a family of six residing on a hobby farm in Cass City, Michigan.  And do you know what we like?   Goats!  Goat milk, goat soap, goat friends, goat babies, goat berries (hehe), goats, goats, goats! (Forest Gump anyone?)  We're a split vote on goat cheese though-but I haven't made it myself yet.

 We've kept a small herd of goats off and on over the years and in early 2009, when we were goatless, we decided we missed them terribly.  So we got into it all over again!  We raise pure-bred Nubians (yep, the floppy-eared ones) and we keep a rather closed herd.  We have an awesome buck available for breeding and a few quality does for kidding and milking and be-friending!

  Goats are a wonderful animal! They are an easy size to care for by the whole family, they eat less than horses and cows, they give great milk for food and soap-making, and their droppings are perfect for the garden! Can you see why we like them so much? 

 And while goats aren't terribly expensive (when compared to other large animals, not to chickens) they do require some funds.  And along came soap-making!  I tried it, I liked it, I tried it some more, I liked it some more!  And voila!  UdderNature.com was born!

 Our Goal:                                                                                

   Our goal with UdderNature.com is to support our herd, our love of goats!

It is important to us that we sell a quality product while using common sense about our global and local environments. And that's just what we intend to do through soap-making and through sales of our growing herd.    

About our soap:


 We take great care in all aspects of soap-making.  The ingredients and the pH balance being foremost.  The milk part of our soap is all made with goat milk, hand-milked and fresh from our farm.  The packaging is minimal and as eco-friendly as we can get. 

 Our soap is made using the old-fashioned cold process method.  This means I mix lye (an alkili) with goat milk and oil (an acid), maybe add some scent and color, pour it into a mold, let it harden for a day or two, cut it, and let it cure for 4 to 6 weeks.  All soap, and I do mean, ALL SOAP, is made with lye.  Once lye is mixed with oil, a chemical reaction occurs, called saponification, and it is no longer lye and no longer oil.  It's now a salt known as soap!  However, it is strong and needs to cure for a few weeks.  Once the pH level is appropriate for skin, it is ready to use!

 We prefer to use essential oils for scent and natural plant dyes for color.  However, some scents and colors are unobtainable with plants.  So yes, there may be some products that use lab scents and colors.  We buy from reputable companies that provide cosmetic quality scents and colors. Please check each product for ingredients that you know may be irritating to your skin or that you may be allergic to.  We list the complete ingredients for every soap online and in packaging so you can be safe!

 It's also a goal at Udder Nature to use sustainable sources for ingredients. This is a continuous learning and researching process for us. If there is an ingredient that concerns you, please ask us about it, we may not be aware of it or we may have found a credible sustainable source that we can share with you.

 We will gladly accept custom orders!  If there's a particular scent, color or even oil that you would like to use OR avoid, please contact me.  We would be happy to work with you on this.  Please note that it does take time to make and cure each batch of soap and we will not ship until the correct pH level is reached.