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Craft Show in Sandusky

Posted by Stazha on December 3, 2011 at 1:10 PM

  My daughter and I are spending the afternoon at a craft show in Sandusky. The proceeds go to the Sandusky High School band. I have public access internet here but am unable to access Facebook. Is that a common school protocol? I'll assume it is. This inconvenience has prompted me to blog instead since my phone is waiting for a new SIM card due to several malnutritional functions there.  My blog feeds right into my Facebook fanpage so it is the only way to let my soapy fans know where I am today!

  Since I've now been forced into blogging (and the show is in the lull of lunch hour), what better time to post some pics and throw out some thoughts on craft shows in general!

  Well, I like doing shows. I like displaying my products and playing with different arrangement ideas. Seasonal changes are especially fun but it starts to cost a bit to change my display for every holiday. I have a 'generic' look usually but I can't resist adding color touches for the holidays.


Today's show is on my nice list. I've been to a few that I doubt I will ever return to. Bad shows happen for a couple of reasons, poor advertising being the main reason. There's nothing worse than a show where the crafters resort to buying from each other because there just aren't any shoppers coming in the door. And this will sound mean to say but I don't go to craft shows to buy. I go to SELL!  Although I do buy a few things when I find them irrisistable!

Another reason for a poor show is bad planning. If there's something going on in town that you know everyone is going to attend, that may affect the outcome of the show. For example, a marathon. People don't expect to go to craft fairs if they're attending, or running in, a marathon that day. Another situation is a kid's fair. If the event is geared towards kids, parents aren't very likely to buy things that aren't for the kiddos.

One of my pet peaves, and I am far from alone in this rant, is poor set-up. Two crafters with similar products do NOT want to be placed next to each other. And if there are only 20 crafters and 5 of them are selling similar products, say soap, it also sets a mood. And not a good one.

The conundrum is, the fairs that prevent all of these planning flaws cost so much more to book. So when I go to a show that was low cost and still had a great turn-out, I am happier than a goat  in a junkyard!

(The liquid soap pictured here is something that I have been selling at shows. I've still been working on feedback before I put it on the webstore. Pretty soon!!  I've also been selling lotions which has been tricky to make also.)

Some of the best shows have also been great friend-making moments! I run into the same folks from time to time and most of them are funny and creative. And a great resource for future event planning! 

Looks like it's picking up again here (yay) and my laptop is giving me the low battery finger, so it's time to go!!

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