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Hi there!

Posted by Dodger on April 20, 2011 at 8:50 AM

Hi, my name is Dodger and I am a young Shih Tzu boy.

I live with a family that raises goats! At first, I was afraid of the goats. But now, I just wanna eat some goat legs! I get yelled at for that! Especially if I chase the baby goats cuz then the momma's chase me back and that makes me happy! So I chase more and then I REALLY get yelled at! Yesturday, my lady caught me and carried me to the house to stay inside while she finished the chores. I was bummed.

Those momma goats are funny. The one named Penny pushes me around a lot. She used to just hide from me. But since she had her babies, she got mean. Holly doesn't care if I'm in the pen and she has babies too. I don't know why Penny does that. Maybe it's cuz Holly's momma watches over Holly's babies too. I mean, she is the gramma. Maybe Holly just figures her momma will take care of the babies. I like chasing the babies! But I get yelled at for it.

My lady takes me to the barn every morning. Unless it's raining. I LOVE the barn! But I don't go in there without her. Neither does Belle. Belle never goes to the barn. I think she's afraid of Penny. Belle always waits on the porch. Unless the man goes to the barn. Belle always follows the man. But the man leaves me in the house. Then I am bummed.

But I LOVE going out to the barn! All the little berries on the ground are so yummy too! My lady scowls at me when I eat them. So I wait until she turns her back! I is sneaky like that!

Today, it is raining. I am bummed. But I don't like to leave the back porch when it is raining anyway. I get yelled at if I don't leave the back porch. The porch is wet already. I don't see what the big deal is!

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