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Our Spring Line-Up

Posted by Stazha on April 23, 2011 at 3:00 PM

    If I plan it right, and this year I did pretty good, when the grass starts turning green, baby goats are born.  If Mother Nature cooperates, there is seldom much snowing left to do by the first day of spring. For me, February is too early. It has to be March, preferably late March. That means making the girls wait until after Halloween to visit their buck! No one likes the wait but no one likes frostbit ears and kids born during snow storms either!

      Lilly Holly freshened first with 2 doelings. We missed the birth and when we found them in their pen the morning they were born, they were quite chilled. They spent 2 days and nights in the house with me running them out to the barn every couple of hours to let them feed with their dam. I'm quite certain Vesper was on the brink of death as she was no longer shivering and was quite listless. But they turned around quickly and are a joy to watch as they bounce around the yard!

The doe herd and their babies, enjoying the morning sunlight.

    Penny's bucks were a missed birth as well. But there were no problems with either of them.  In no time, they were following the herd around. Of course, Penny would have it no other way! She is very vocal and attentive with her kids, almost to the point of paranoia. Luckily she is very accepting of human involvement.  Dodger, however, a constant target for her!

      This year, Lilly had to wait to be bred. She became very thin last fall and I just couldn't see breeding her until I knew she had recovered from her twins of last spring and what was probably a difficult worm infestation. She's the worst one for intestinal worms! Her winter coat never did come in like the other does either. In fact, and I wish I had taken a picture, she wore one of my kids jackets the entire winter! When I finally removed the jacket in March, I was happy to see how round and healthy she looked! She should freshen the last week in May. And, if her current size is any indication, she will probably have triplets again. Hopefully, they will all make it this time.

     Kidding season is exciting but it can be stressful. And it's easy to get to a point of concern that we are running to the barn constantly, hoping to catch a birth in progress. This year, we were all so busy with other things, we didn't have time to worry over it much. And everything turned out just fine! :)

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