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Spring Finale

Posted by Stazha on June 8, 2011 at 8:14 AM

Our spring season has finished off well with the arrival of 2 more little does. Leave it to Lilly to take as long as she possibly can to show them off to us! Much to my surprise, they were twins and not triplets.  She carries so large, it's really quite a guessing game.

  On a sad note, we lost our favorite doe in May. Penny was my best milker and a really sweet girl.  It seems her calcium levels fell very quickly when she freshened, which I was suspect about but was not diligent enough to correct. We lost her on Mother's Day of all days too.

  We did decide to purchase a couple of does from the Delamar's. We did this mostly because the two she had for sale were giving milk, which I don't want to run out of! I can't make soap without it! But when we got them home, an obvious solution came to us about Penny's buck, who we had been bottle feeding. These does left their big babies at the Delamar's and had milk to spare so we quit mixing goat formula and put little Red up on the milk stand with one of the does. Coincidentally, this doe is his grandma! And quite to our surprise, it seems she has been letting him suckle while they're in the pasture too.

  The season has brought many unexpected changes for us.  We learned a little more about goat health and we mourned the loss of a good farm friend. And we added some experienced does to our herd. The summer will be spent with endless hand milking and acrobatic kids, lots of water refills and a bit of escapee chasing. We won't be going very far from home but we will be spending a lot of time in the pool!

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