Udder Nature

Handcrafted Goats Milk Soap


Quotes Just submitted my 3rd order ... I absolutely love all the soaps although Powermint is my current favorite. I used to itch all the time from store bought soap ... but this soap has stopped all the irritations! Best soap ever! Quotes
Wonderful Product

Quotes I finally got to meet the goats that are responsible for all of this soap! My first purchase about a year ago was the lavender, mostly because I love the color, but it was also a mild enough scent that it didn't bother my allergies. At first I kept rinsing my hands because I thought they were supposed to feel stripped after washing ~ I love that my hands are still soft when they're clean! The upcoming "snowberry" soap smells good enough to eat (like most of the soaps) ~I can't wait to get my hands on that! The beer soap smells really good (not like beer), and so cute! I thought the Sweet Orange liquid soap smelled good ~ then I tried the Cherry (almond) scented liquid soap- yum! I love that they're handmade locally, thanks Stazha! Quotes

Quotes Love the liquid soaps I bought and the lotion is divine!!! Quotes

Quotes I suffer from eczema on my hands and lower legs. All winter I would have itching and painful splitting on my hands. Shaving during the winter months was torchure. My legs would itch so bad that they too would end up bleeding. I religiously used Udder Nature soap and my hands did not split once! It also kept the itching to a minimum! I use it for shaving too, and I can now shave my legs with out constantly itching them! I SWEAR BY THIS SOAP! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Quotes
Faithful Customer

Quotes I have been using the rosewood soap and I have noticed that the scent seems to be getting stronger. It is still a nice, soft, subtle scent. The difference is that I am noticing it on myself hours after my morning shower. The nicest of soft perfumes. Quotes